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However boring it may be the FAQ section of your website may become the unsung hero of your site, best not to ignore it.

I’m not saying you should create a complete set of questions and answer for every conceivable element of your business, I’m merely suggesting that you develop a strategy for its creation and more importantly how to keep it current. One good strategy that I’ve employed in the past is very simple and I’ll share it with you now using the power of a toggle box.

FAQ Strategy

One of the good things about an FAQ section is you can use tabs or accordions to display lots of text in a smaller area. That’s not the strategy, maybe it’s on the next tab?

We used to employ a simple strategy that triggered a new or amended FAQ topic after 2 or 3 similar issues/enquiries within a given reporting period.

The only way to stop the stupid question is to provide an answer, stupid.

Why use a toggle box?

.Makes sense, the question is shown and only when you want to ask that question does the content get shown. Less potentially irrelevant text on the page

In these strange times it’s even more important to be on top of your customers’ questions, especially if you are making rapid changes to your business.

You should also bear in mind that if a customer has a question about your business or service that is better answered by one of your competitors then maybe they’ll get the custom ahead of you!

The only way to stop the stupid question is to provide an answer, stupid.

I said that

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