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May 2017
June 2016
May 2016

Fix WordPress Text

When you’re creating your blogs it’s natural that you’d want to use an application that you’re familiar with, so occasionally you may want to layout your blog in Word or even take it from a post that you have previously posted on Facebook but

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April 2016

Quick Videos

We all lead very busy lives and often we don’t have time to sit through a video that can sometimes seem like the producer has made it long enough to justify the time it takes to make the video.

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Ditch The Default Avatar

If you’re using WordPress or you regularly comment on other blogs you’ll have noticed that your image or avatar will be the default image set on the blog you are interacting with.

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March 2016

Great Product, How Do I Buy It?

We just made a fairly big purchase (£500) for a trailer camera system for my wife’s horsebox and as It’s a gadget I was completely onboard and happy to help select the right product. We settled on the Digi-Max2 2

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January 2016

Video Opener For $14

So at today’s exchange rate that’s £9.82 or as I like to call it Cheap as Chips and I hope you’ll agree it isn’t too shabby.

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