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May 2017
February 2017

Podio for Web Design

I use Podio to manage my web design projects and this short video explains how we will use it to complete your project.

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October 2016

Videos in Elegant Themes Templates

Quick demo on the use of video (YouTube) in the Extra Theme from Elegant Themes.

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The Web Design Process

This isn’t talking about Agile development or sitemaps or post-it notes I get inside your business and build a site based on what you do. Web sites should never be more important that your products or services.

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September 2016
Websites for Startups

Websites for Startups

You may initially ask yourself what’s the difference between a website for a startup and one created for an established company, I suppose the short answer is money and time. Most startups have limited time and money but need to

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June 2016
April 2016

So What!

Sometimes we are too connected to the website we are creating or the people we ask for feedback are too connected to us to be brutally honest. What we all need is access to an internet savvy Petulant Child. The kind

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Ditch The Default Avatar

If you’re using WordPress or you regularly comment on other blogs you’ll have noticed that your image or avatar will be the default image set on the blog you are interacting with.

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March 2016

Great Product, How Do I Buy It?

We just made a fairly big purchase (£500) for a trailer camera system for my wife’s horsebox and as It’s a gadget I was completely onboard and happy to help select the right product. We settled on the Digi-Max2 2

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February 2016

If It Moves – Measure It

When you’re driving traffic to your site the number of different channels that are available to exploit grows at a pace that can be difficult to keep up with. If you are able to keep up with these changes are

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