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This guide is for those of you that want to get your new web site from an idea in your head to a live site on the internet. If you’re looking to have a play around with publishing content on the internet with no relation to your new business then I’d recommend you create a site on and go no further with this guide until you decide you need a site for your specific venture.

Step 1:

My first port of call would be to is the web hosting company that I recommend as they have a low initial costs and they charge for the size of your server and not for individual elements of the server. Some hosting companies will charge for your server and then also charge for email accounts separately. You can register your domain name and get your server space for about £10 (first years hosting is free then renewal is about £30 per year). Once registered will send you the details you need for step 2.

Step 2:

Wordpress_Blue_logoThe next step is to get your content management system (I will be using WordPress) onto your server space, if you used for your step one then they have a simple way of doing step 2 but I’ll give details if you didn’t use users: In your control panel there is a ‘1-click WordPress’ install function that will install WordPress for you the final step in the process is to set the site title and add an Admin user to the site, you can then move onto step 3.

Other hosts with no 1 click install: The WordPress files will need to be uploaded to the server using a file transfer program, I recommend FileZilla once installed you add the details emailed to you when you set up your server with your hosting company, those details normally include FTP Host, FTP username and password ( in some circumstances you will be required to request a password link so you can set your initial FTP password). Once uploaded you then visit the address of your site and input the details requested, which will be within your web host control panel or will have been emailed to you when you registered your server space.

Step 3:

Your new site is now live and will be set up with generic content and a generic template. From here you can use the instructions within the WordPress site to get used to publishing content with WordPress.

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