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You may initially ask yourself what’s the difference between a website for a startup and one created for an established company, I suppose the short answer is money and time. Most startups have limited time and money but need to start building a presence as soon as they can.
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The sooner you start the process of getting online the better, even if it’s just the registration of your web address (URL). I’d strongly recommend putting your URL registration on the same line as the registration of your company, on the same day as you register your company you should be checking the availability of an appropriate URL and if available you should register that URL.

I’d use a company like to register the new URL as they offer free hosting for the first year but more importantly they’re powered by wind turbines so you’re doing your bit for the environment.

You’re Cheap but are you any good?

I’ve picked up quite a few jobs from startups, most have been running for up to a year and have decided that their website doesn’t reflect their professionalism and looks a bit of a hobbyist site. They built their own site using Wix or similar online build tool and have been spending more and more time trying to get the site to look as good as their nearest competitors but never quite manage it.

If you’re in the same boat It may be time to hand it over to a professional, and it won’t be as expensive as you think especially if you factor in the cost of your time to create your existing site.

Check the Checklist.

Before you employ the services of a web designer or agency make sure they provide the following:

  • Responsive site (mobile friendly) as standard, nobody should be charging extra for that anymore.
  • Site built with Search in mind.
  • Ongoing assistance.

Some bonus items that would be nice to have:

  • Combined hosting (no extra charge for additional email addresses).
  • Site published on secure https included in price or small additional fee.

In Summary

This is the easy bit, contact me through this site and employ me to create your site, simple.

If I haven’t convinced you to contact me please make sure you do your homework on the designer or agency you hire. Ask loads of questions but more importantly expect them to ask you loads of questions.

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